P L A N T S + P E O P L E  designs for and consults on a wide variety of projects ranging from small urban gardens to farms and commercial properties / public use spaces in the Memphis area.

  • We believe gardens are for living in, so our design approach is personalized to each individual clients’ needs and their specific sites. We work to integrate clients’ desires with the assets and constraints of their location. While our design is site driven, our process is collaborative—working together with our clients throughout the process to realize the design intent.

  • We view each garden as a living system, meaning all elements are given a level of attention to detail necessary to ensure that as the garden grows and changes it can be reasonably maintained and enjoyed for years to come. Also, our systems design approach ensures that each part of the whole, complete design is striving to be in harmony with the people, land and buildings it associates with. We prioritize a sense of place starting with the soil on up through the plant palette, the design and finally coming full circle with the community who experiences the character of a place.

  • We can only guarantee the success of our design if you select an installation and or landscape maintenance company from our recommended list of eco-friendly, native-plant friendly landscaping companies. Please email us for this information. Our list of contractors, installers, and maintenance crews can ensure the vision of your design is brought to life. No matter how great the design is, if the plants are not well planted, or well cared for – planted at the right height, in a sufficiently sized hole, and with the correct soil preparation – then the resulting green space will not thrive. This cannot be overstated! All designs need a skilled install team and continued fostering.

P L A N T S + P E O P L E  is an education, consulting and design studio. We offer a range of services from a one-time consultation to full design packages, as well as educational mentorship/coaching packages for individuals and groups. We also offer consulting services for large scale, longer term public/commercial projects.


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