Gardening Mentorship For Homeowners

Our mentorship program is designed to build a firm foundation for understanding your garden’s personality, recognizing its unique potential, and learning to work with it in effective, meaningful ways.


We begin with a one-hour exploration of your property. Walking and talking together gives us an opportunity to become better acquainted, allows me get a sense of your space, and helps me determine the skills, knowledge, and experiences you need to achieve your goals. This results in a personalized action plan, a schedule of hands-on training sessions and exercises designed to address your unique needs.


Training sessions are generally two hours. These are guided, get-your-hands-dirty activities designed to provide real-world experience with the activities and topics you’re most interested in. There is no substitute for this kind of learning, and any questions that arise during these activities can be answered immediately and in context. Our training sessions will provide the experience and guidance you need to to move you further along your path toward mastery.


We will use Pinterest to create a personalized vision board to map out your ideas and aspirations in a graphical way. We will discuss these images between our scheduled sessions and draw connections between the images you’ve selected and your landscape. We will use Google Drive to document your progress and to generate lists of plants, design elements, and other useful resources relevant to your unique interests.


At the end of your mentorship program, we will take another walk together to review what you’ve learned. We’ll address any questions or concerns you might have about your new skills, identity new interests, and discuss the next steps in your journey.

Contact us to set up a discovery call. We will discuss rates and whether this educational mentorship will suit your needs.