Garden Mentorship for the Professional

 Site conditions and site aspects have profound effects on the establishment and long-term success of landscape installations. Understanding the relationships between these factors and plant growth is key to creating thriving commercial and residential green spaces. Our mentorship program is designed to help you sharpen your site assessment skills, develop site-specific planting palettes, and learn to work with post-construction soil conditions to facilitate rapid plant establishment and long-term landscape success.


We begin with a one-hour meeting at your office or on a site of your choosing to determine the problems your business commonly faces and identify the specific skill sets you need to develop to increase the short-term and long-term success of your projects. This results in an action plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.


Training sessions are generally two hours, and are conducted on sites we select or in your office, depending on the specific goals you identify. We will explore the relationships between the built environment and plant growth using real-world scenarios and identify the most commonly encountered challenges for landscape designers and maintenance companies.


Using the findings from our site visits, we will create customized plant palettes, soil amendment protocols, and cost-effective management strategies to address these challenges and create vibrant, landscapes with a strong sense of place that foster enduring connections between people and plants.



One walk through with you on your next project discussing what you’ve learned as it applies to the project being assessed.