Do you want to create a magical outdoor environment for you and your family?

Do you want to create pollinator/bird-friendly gardens using native plants and sustainable design practices?

Do you want to craft new views and improve the flow of your garden or landscape?

Let PLANTS + PEOPLE help you discover your property’s unique potential through our garden mentorship program. Go here to learn about the variety of packages offered.

By hiring PLANTS + PEOPLE garden coach/mentor Chris Cosby, you can

Find solutions and strategies to problem areas in your gardens.

Become a savvy nursery shopper

Save money on plants by growing your own

Have you been dreaming of integrating edibles and herbs into your existing landscape? Maybe you want to learn to prune and deadhead with confidence?

Plants + People mentorship program guides you in learning all the things you’ve been wanting to learn as a gardener. This program is perfect from beginners to advanced gardeners.

Learn to garden organically

Get better results with seeds

Reinvent and renovate your existing garden



Maybe you’ve been wanting to connect with your landscape more and see the natural world in a new way?

Deepen your experience and knowledge of environmental stewardship..

PLANTS + PEOPLE mentorship program can help by working closely with you to discover your needs, resource restraints and dreams of a greener life lived more closely with plants.

See packages here.