Mullein ::: Ally From The Plant Realm

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I've been waiting to post this—waiting to find out a name from my mother, what the priestesses called themselves. When I was a baby I almost died. I stopped eating, thriving, and the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong. My mother became desperate and so took me to a miracle church on a mountain top where crutches covered the walls. She prayed and begged for a miracle but I got weaker still. She had a friend who lived in her building who wore huge caftans and wrapped her head in a white scarf. She was a priestess. My Mother asked if she and her priestess sisters would perform a ceremony to find out what sickness I had. My mother describes this event as the most supernatural thing she's ever seen. They made a brew, they drank it, they sang and chanted and danced and convulsed and soon their faces changed and they looked so different, like different people, more ancient, completely different - hard to put into words she says. When the ceremony was finished they told my mother that what was wrong with me was 'espina caído' (portuguese) = fallen spine (english) . My mother didn't know how to use this information and she didn't ask the priestesses for a remedy. She went back to the Dr's., in desperation, begging for them to do something, anything. They gave me a heavy dose of the strongest antibiotic, tetracycline, and slowly I began to eat again.


Years later I met a psychic who had unlocked her ability to speak to spirit guides and guardian angels. She told me that when I was newly born I had lost courage to be in this world full of pain and had almost turned back. My spine 'thing' was a loss of courage, loss of "backone".  Even as a newborn I knew that I had a rough road of parental loss ahead and a mother to whom I was *almost* an alien, the blackest of sheep...but in those months my mother fought for me, found her love for me and fiercely protected me from death.


Fast forward to 18 years ago when I rode a Greyhound bus to explore Las Vegas, New Mexico, where a lady I knew was keeping a blind raven for a pet. After exploring that town lost in time, I hitchhiked to Taos, New Mexico where I would meet the love of my life, my husband. ...but first I met mullein, another love. It was everywhere and anywhere—even growing in the middle of abandoned, blazing-hot, concrete-covered lots. I immediately knew that I would always want mullein near me. It's presence soothed me. I felt that I understood it and it understood me and that its beauty was unparalleled. I happened to feel exactly that way about this person I'd just met, and so we left Taos searching for a nest to start a family and a garden. I would have mullein close by, always.


We never really used the mullein much because we weren't prone to upper respiratory problems but three years ago, in the midst of a transformation in my marriage, I began to have a lot of pain at the bottom of my spine. At first, I thought maybe I had fallen on my tailbone and didn't recognize it as injury at the time, but that seemed unlikely. I went to a chiropractor who told me my hip was permanently out of place from childbearing and that consequently other things were out of place and pushing on nerves giving me constant sciatic I did strength building exercises, took long baths, and the pain began to subside as I became stronger. At the same time I discovered mullein flowers. Before, it was the texture of the leaves and the blue/green/white color, but suddenly I wanted to capture the essence of the flowers too. I picked them, dried them, dropped them into a jar of oil and waited. A week later when I opened the bottle and sniffed I couldn't believe that it smelled exactly like the large green Greek cured olives I love to eat in place of ice cream, or cake. I definitely wanted to use this oil.

Musco-Skeletal System - Mullein reduces inflammation and pain, making it a perfect herb for use where delicate, complex bones such as in the hand or feet have been broken and cannot be set, or where there are complicated alignment issues in the spine (even in the lower spine and hips). click here for info credit.

At 40 years old I don't have many endings to my stories. Most of them are still unfolding, as this one is. I'm using mullein oil on my spine and the ghost-pain is kept at bay. I wonder if this is the future the priestesses saw or if this is a body signal that shows up when I begin to lose my courage, confidence in my own strengths.