Chris cosby - Plantsman

Co-founder and  Managing Director of P + P / Permaculture Designer / Urban Ecological Designer / Garden Designer/  Consultant /  Educator 


After Chris’s twelve years with the Memphis Botanic Garden serving as greenhouse propagator, plant curator of six of the botanic garden’s most cherished themed gardens, garden educator and Senior Manager of the horticultural staff, he has earned recognition as one of Memphis' most respected thinkers in the art of horticulture.

Chris is a devoted and self-taught plantsman, educator, consultant, garden designer and the backbone of Plants + People. His studies in anthropology combined with his passion for plants have led to an ethnobotanical and systems approach to design that is unique to P + P.

Chris recently completed his Permaculture Design Certification under Geoff Lawton’s instruction from the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia. You can view Chris's digital certificate here and learn more about the accompanying credentials. The certificate's authenticity can be verified by you and is proven 100% secure. 

If you are thinking of attending one of Chris's programs or workshops you can click here to view his Educator CV.


Stephanie cosby - Artist

Co-founder / Creative Director / Branding Co-hort 


Stephanie, a working artist in photography and paint, ended up working in the medium of green plants after years of watching her husband, Chris, create spaces with plants alone that were actually entire new worlds or natural environments to live in. She is a regular contributor on color and texture in P L A N T S + P E O P L E designs where the aesthetic is intended to evoke memories of being in natural, wild and untended landscapes. She is a passionate steward and student of the plants.


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